Stormceptor® OSR

The Stormceptor OSR is optimized to remove fine sand-sized particles, and oil from stormwater runoff. Recommended applications include pretreatment and redevelopment/retrofit projects to meet your water quality objectives.

Stormceptor OSR Product Sheet

Product Overview

  • Patented design is optimized for fine sand removal and increased hydraulic capacity
  • Typically designed for removal of 50 micron particles and greater
  • Units are easily and flexibly sized to meet your site’s needs
  • Hydrocarbon spill protection in wet and dry weather conditions

Proven performance

  • TARP (Technology Acceptance and Reciprocity Partnership) Interim Certification from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)
  • Independent Third-party tested
  • Independent verification by New Jersey Corporation of Advanced Technology (NJCAT)

Flexible and versatile

  • Easy installation – small footprint saves time and money with limited site disruption
  • Minimal drop between inlet and outlet pipes (one- or three-inch drop), and the unit can be used as bend structure
  • Low head loss of nine inches for the OSR 250 from inlet to outlet makes it compatible with existing infrastructure
  • Ideal for new projects, redevelopment and retrofit applications

Essential part of a stormwater treatment train

  • Seamless support of existing BMPs (wet/dry ponds, filtration and infiltration devices)
  • Improves water quality, extends BMP maintenance life and minimizes life-cycle costs

Maintenance made easy

  • Maintenance is convenient and trouble-free, with virtually no site disruption
  • Easy unit entrance from surface access cover – no confined space entry needed
Stormceptor OSR Models
Model US CA
Inlet OSR 065 300
In-line OSR 140 750
250 2000
390 4000
560 6000
Series OSR 780 9000
1125 14000
* Submerged conditions can be accommodated
** Fiberglass models and alternatives are available